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My Redneck Childhood – Laugh at Me Please

Redneck Daniel (left) and Mitch (right)

Redneck Daniel (me - left) and Mitch (right)

Here's a good laugh for your monday: a redneck child (me) in Hooks, Texas. Yes - we ate them squirrels.

While I somehow managed to escape true redneckdom, I still have very strong "country boy" roots. Mitch still remains fairly redneck. Sorry bro, you know it's true (though he has outgrown some of it in the past few years).

I find this funny because you can clearly see my more animal-friendly biologist tendencies already on display in the manner in which I hold the squirrel.

Here's a challenge - how many hilarious details can YOU spot in this image? There are quite a few.

All that's missing is the rat-tail that only came a few years later...