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Loss of Truth: How the Government is Killing Science

Everyday lately, while listening to the news and watching the world around us disintegrate into war, chaos and malcontent, I see and feel the deception pervading the information fed to us by our government and media outlets. It seriously sickens me. This PDF is a report put out by Rep. Henry A. Waxman to Congress listing many of the incomprehensible (and I would call downright evil) manipulations, lies, and dictatorial eliminations of truth the Bush Administration has committed in obvious contempt of the American people. This administration is single-handedly destroying science in America.

And by science I simply mean the basic human understanding of the reality around us (not to be confused with technology which is the application of scientific knowledge). Many of you likely agree with the administration's positions on some of the key issues being discussed such as embryonic stem cell research, and understandably so. This article does not focus on arguing the issues themselves but mainly focuses on exactly when where and how the Bush administration lied or manipulated (or sometimes even completely falsified data). I do not believe any American can truly read these acts of manipulation and falsification and not feel betrayed by the folks supposedly working for our benefit, regardless of your political position. I guarantee you will be shocked by what you read.

So please at least read the summary at the beginning of the article if you don't care for the details, and pass this along if you feel as upset as I do.

I would also like to point out that almost all of the sciences are being negatively affected by this administration including my own lab. We are doing research to understand how the human body creates a heart. The potential benefits to humanity are obvious considering 1 out of every 100 are born with a heart defect. Unfortunately we and many other labs are losing much of our funding due to Bush's slashing of the science budget (to pay for his war).

I know most of you probably couldn't care less what I think about the Bush administration's science policies. But I feel that by trying to reach as many as possible, I am least doing what I can to affect the world around me. I think it would be unpatriotic of me not to expose as many Americans as possible to the lies and deceit of this administration.

And no matter what "issues" you may agree or disagree with the administration on, NOTHING excuses them from feeding us patently false and manipulated information to achieve their ideological goals.