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Great Darwin Beard Challenge – Month 2

Oh yes, woolly we be. Check out the latest update on our celebratory Darwin beard contest over at Southern Fried Science.

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Great Darwin Beard Challenge – Week 4 – The Mugshots

Alright, so Kevin at Deep-Sea News got a little busy this past week "laying down the hardwood." He claims this involved flooring installation...

Thus I have taken on the reigns of presenting this week's Great Darwin Beard Challenge images.

For those of you new here (and I know there are several due to my Science Blogging: The Future of Science Communication & Why You Should be a Part of it), check out the links at the bottom for previous installments. The short of it: from Darwin's birthday in February to the anniversary of the Origin of Species in October, we are competing for the title of "Most Darwinesque Beard."

Each week, we generally have some theme for the images, mainly just to keep ourselves entertained and distract us from the itchiness and rejections from our significant others.

Kevin's instructions this week were to take "mugshots. Try to look as criminally insane as possible."

Great Darwin Beard Challenge - Week 4

Great Darwin Beard Challenge - Week 4 (click for larger)

Participants: Andrew, the Southern Fried Scientist of Southern Fried Science, Kevin of Deep-Sea News and The Other 95%, Me, David "WhySharksMatter" also of Southern Fried Science, and David2 marine graduate student without a blog.

Personally, I think that I win the "criminally insane" look. David1 definitely has the "mentally challenged" look going for him. Andrew just looks guilty and perhaps drugged. Kevin and David2 both have the "yeah - I did it - whatcha gonna do about it" look.

Next week will be hosted by David at Southern Fried Science. Thereafter, we will be moving to biweekly updates of the contest. Technically, we are in Week 5 right now - these images are from last week.

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Children Sing Science!

What's better than children singing? Children singing about science. And to take it once step better, give all the little kiddies British accents.

Apparently these videos have been around for quite some time, but I somehow missed them. Thus I'm guessing that some of you may have missed them as well.

The following are a couple of songs from David Haines Lifetime: a Science Oratoria. You can find a much larger list of songs here, as well as details on the project.

Beware: after listening this you will have "Kingdom...phylum...class and or-r-r-rder" stuck in your head all day long.


Mr. Darwin, Mr. Wallace, Mr. Matthew


Very Gradual Change We Can Believe In – Darwin Gear

My nerdy excitement has been fulfilled - my Darwin T-shirt has arrived!

If you haven't seen it yet, go check out Mike Rosulek's Darwin Gear over on Zazzle. (Mike's Website).

As an added bonus, all proceeds from buying his gear go to the National Center for Science Education, a leading proponent of evolution and science in our classrooms.

w00t! Go Evolution 2009!

Darwin: Very Gradual Change We Can Believe In

Darwin: Very Gradual Change We Can Believe In


Great Darwin Beard Challenge – Week 3

Stripped of all biologically advantageous or meaningful body hair, there comes a time in every man's life when he ponders just why the eons of molding, shaping, and changing forces of natural selection have left what little remains.

The answer comes, quite naturally, to all who discover that certain magical stage of hirsute facial existence. There is but one purpose - one singular defining function of this keratinized expression of manhood: to look like a bad-ass.

Thus, we now present to you Week 3 of the Great Darwin Beard Challenge in a new order of presentation.

Great Darwin Beard Challenge Week 3

Great Darwin Beard Challenge Week 3 (click for larger version)

Though our voyage of Darwinian proportions has only just begun, in time we shall bridge our initial childish faces with the woolen wisdom of Darwin himself gracing our chins.

Unless I get an interview...

Join us over at Deep-Sea News for Week 4 in our quest to look a little more like the man himself in our Great Darwin Beard Challenge.

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