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Cephalopodtastic Wooden Art!

It is well past time that I used my connection with you ocean/invertebrate blogging types to point you all to one of the most artistically talented branches of my family tree.

My cousin, Steven Garrison, has been an accomplished sculptor and artistic engineer for as far back as I can remember. My favorite of his types of work is his series of nautiloid carvings. Be sure to check them all out at his website,

Update: (2/9/09) Steve has informed me that he managed to get his work in del Mano Gallery in Los Angeles (considered the premier gallery in the nation for woodwork - you'll find his work there sometime this summer). Congratulations Steve!

Eastern Red Cedar Shell

Eastern Red Cedar Shell - Steven Garrison

Fiddleback Nautiloid

Fiddleback Nautiloid - Steven Garrison

Aromatic Red Cedar Nautiloid

Aromatic Red Cedar Nautiloid - Steven Garrison

He also makes all sorts of other crazy sculptures, the accomplishment and engineering of which can boggle the mind.

You MUST check out his elliptical gears about halfway through this clip.

And one of his latest pieces: wooden gear driven window blinds!

And finally, his own favorite piece:

All Screwed Up

"All Screwed Up" - Steven Garrison

Obviously, I've always harbored a bit of jealousy at Steve's talent.  But that's ok - the artistic thread runs cleanly through his lineage. My Uncle Bill and Aunt Gloria are both highly accomplished artists as well, with Bill focusing on oils and Gloria on watercolors (and oils).

Leatherwood Creek

"Leatherwood Creek" - Bill Garrison

A Fine Pair - Gloria Garrison

"A Fine Pair" - Gloria Garrison