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Carnival of Evolution #12 – Deep-Sea News

Yeah - I can't seem to find the internet lately. I just managed to snatch this little glimpse of it in the pale moonlight in between wake/work cycles, so here I am. I won't bother giving you more excuses. Besides, Miriam has already used up all the best ones.

However, I need to take this time to get out the link for the next edition of that digital warehouse of evolutionary writing, the Carnival of Evolution.

The Carnival of Evolution #12 is now live over at the bastion of oceanic information and enthusiasm, Deep-Sea News, carefully assembled by Kevin Zelnio. From the nitty-gritty details of evolutionary mechanisms to that old chestnut, the never-ending peddling of creationism, Kevin wraps up the last month's worth of excellent evolutionary writing to scratch that itch you know your brain's been feeling since the last edition (despite the lack of nociceptors in your brain).

Be sure to submit your own writings next month to the Carnival of Evolution #13, which will be hosted by FYI: Science!

Use this form to submit your posts for next month's edition.

*image source: Amazon via Living the Scientific Life.

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