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Blog Update & Carnival of Evolution #11 – Oh, For the Love of Science!

Well, as some of you have no doubt noticed, I have been rather absent from the internets as of late. On top of a heavy load of scientific experiments on my plate, I'm also spending almost every waking minute trying to get my house ready to sell for my impending move to Pittsburgh (which includes painting every square inch inside and out - and let me just say that painting exterior trim sucks!).

Thus I have had zero time to even read new interesting science literature, much less write about it.  That being said, I have had time to keep my camera on hand as I piddle around the house. Considering that Spring is out in full force here, I have quite a few really good shots I will be showing you all soon.

In the meantime, you should definitely check out the Carnival of Evolution #11, which is now live over at Oh, For the Love of Science!, care of the wonderful writer, Allie. Take a stroll with her through the Museum of Natural History as she ponders the ontogeny and phylogeny of life and the implications thereof, all the while pointing you to some of the best evolution writing from the past month.

Be sure to submit your own writings next month to the Carnival of Evolution #12, which will be hosted by the so-famous-he's-infamous Kevin Zelnio at Deep-Sea News.

Use this form to submit your posts for next month's edition.

*image source: Alex Wild / Live Science via The Primate Diaries.