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What would YOU like to know about sharks?

Why do sharks matter?

Why do sharks matter?

One of my science blogger buddies, WhySharksMatter over at Southern Fried Science, has received the opportunity to interview an influential shark researcher, Dr. Dan Abel. He is asking for anyone and everyone to pose a question you would like asked of Dr. Abel. Perhaps you want to know something about sharks or maybe something about what it's like to study sharks or why he chose to study them. There are any number of fascinating things to be asked. I asked an interesting one myself (at least I think it's interesting).

So if you have any shark-related questions you'd like answered by an actual shark expert, head over to this post right now and leave your question in the comments section.

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  1. We have some GREAT questions so far! I’m closing this post and submitting the questions on Monday at noon, so post your questions soon! We will have opportunities to interview other leaders in the shark science and advocacy world on Southern Fried Science, so check us out often.

    Thanks, everyone!

  2. Great question! I love these types of interview posts from an expert in the field. Makes me feel almost like the Q&A period after a seminar, only in many ways more open.

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