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Very Gradual Change We Can Believe In – Darwin Gear

My nerdy excitement has been fulfilled - my Darwin T-shirt has arrived!

If you haven't seen it yet, go check out Mike Rosulek's Darwin Gear over on Zazzle. (Mike's Website).

As an added bonus, all proceeds from buying his gear go to the National Center for Science Education, a leading proponent of evolution and science in our classrooms.

w00t! Go Evolution 2009!

Darwin: Very Gradual Change We Can Believe In

Darwin: Very Gradual Change We Can Believe In

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  1. oo that is hot… too bad you’re taken :)
    …poor girls in search of hot darwinists.

    SPEAKING of, I just found out my boyfriend’s best friend doesn’t “believe” in evolution… OMG who am I dating?

    • Hot? If you like aging dudes with bad joints, newly found gray beard hairs, and chicken legs…at least I look younger than I am and younger than my body tells me I am. But thanks – my ego is boosted a hair.

      (FYI: my wife just saw your comment and I now quote her response:

      “I’ll cut her”

      She was kidding – she doesn’t really get jealous or obsessive. :) )

      As for your boy’s buddy – Ouch – that’s a really tough one… learning that someone doesn’t believe in evolution is like learning that they think the world is flat…or that your new puppy has leukemia.

      It’s like learning one of your favorite musicians (ex-fave, Beck) is a Scientologist. Just sad…

      • Beck is a scientologist? No fracking way! Time to make salad bowls out of those LP’s then.
        Christie – as long as your boyfriend believes in evolution right?

        • yep – a second generation Scientologist in fact… I just can’t quite hear him the same way, as hard as I may try.

        • Yeah, he does. He was actually shocked… They’re both Christian, obviously, so I get some loving flack about not believing in things every once in a while. Anyhow, somehow Darwin came up and his friend made some comment to which I jumped on, and the friend responded by saying he thought Darwin was terrible and wrong. I was about to launch into him myself, but I was shocked my boyfriend beat me to it and said to his friend “wait, you don’t believe that evolution occurs? How do you explain all the transitional fossils or the changes in species? I mean, it’s clear that evolution is true, whether or not God is involved somehow” to which his friend just decided to change the topic.

          I was so proud :)

      • It was truly odd. I mean, I’ve known a lot of religious people in my life (including Barry), but I’ve never heard one say that evolution, at least as a process, is wrong or didn’t occur. They might add some caveat that God poked stuff to start things or guides the changes (some variant of “creation” but with Genesis not being a literal description), but the whole part of changes occurring and species coming from other species, etc has always been accepted. Maybe I’ve led too sheltered a life…

  2. You’re going to have to work a bit harder before that peach fuzz explosion you are calling a beard rocks as hard hard as Darwin’s awesome facial forest, but I digress.

    WTF is up with Dr. and Mrs. Dr. Brown?

    • ASC!!!

      What up buddy? Man, I’m glad you found your way over here to my digital abode. It’s been a looong while, eh?

      We are moving to Pittsburgh in the fall. That’s not too far from you, right? We’ll have to hook up.

      And re:beard, screw you. But yes, it is still rather weak. We’ve got time… (til October 1st)

      You know, in the last Darwin Beard Challenge post, I struggled with coming up with beard synonyms. “Darwin’s awesome facial forest” is by far the best I’ve heard.

      • Pittsburg is a) a really great town and b) only about a 4-5 hour drive from Columbus. Big town for medical research. Where are you going to work?

  3. Oh, I must get me some of that gear.

  4. Well Christie, clearly our nerdiness has rubbed off on Barry. I once sat next to a man (who I found at the end of the flight was the air marshal) on a flight from NY to FL that was the total opposite of me. The guy was from DEEEEP in the heart of the Bible belt, and was the most conservative, religious, homophobic person I have ever met. I’m sure I spun his head just a little bit with all my liberal science-y goodness.

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