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Great Darwin Beard Challenge – Week 3

Stripped of all biologically advantageous or meaningful body hair, there comes a time in every man's life when he ponders just why the eons of molding, shaping, and changing forces of natural selection have left what little remains.

The answer comes, quite naturally, to all who discover that certain magical stage of hirsute facial existence. There is but one purpose - one singular defining function of this keratinized expression of manhood: to look like a bad-ass.

Thus, we now present to you Week 3 of the Great Darwin Beard Challenge in a new order of presentation.

Great Darwin Beard Challenge Week 3

Great Darwin Beard Challenge Week 3 (click for larger version)

Though our voyage of Darwinian proportions has only just begun, in time we shall bridge our initial childish faces with the woolen wisdom of Darwin himself gracing our chins.

Unless I get an interview...

Join us over at Deep-Sea News for Week 4 in our quest to look a little more like the man himself in our Great Darwin Beard Challenge.

Great Darwin Beard Challenge History:

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  1. Brave lads ye are, but not wild horses nor grasping squids neither, could’ve parted me from me whiskers.

    Besides, my daughter wouldn’t stand for it…

  2. Barry would have beat you boys… I gotta find those playoff beard pics from 3 weeks. It was insane. I was ready to chop his head off.

    By that, of course, I mean: go Darwin beards, go!

  3. While you certainly look the part, I must say I am disappointed in those of you who decided to trim your beards, rather than just letting them roam as freely as the spirits that bred them.

    • No trimming on my part!

      I don’t think the other dudes have either.

      Neck and ears don’t count (yes – I have to shave my ears now…ugh). Also, I’ve discovered I now have gray beard hairs,

      • It really is not funny where hair starts growing as we get older!! Neither is a wife who comes by and plucks them when you’re not expecting it!

  4. Hey Daniel. Why do I have hair growing out my ears? I’ve been just yanking them with needle-nose pliers :) Guess it’s time to get one of them little bitty trimmers huh?


  5. It’s true, I can confirm neither myself, either david, nor zelnio is trimming

  6. I stand corrected then! I grew a beard for a couple of months last year. By the time I finally shaved it off, I looked like a cod fisherman from Maine. So. Fucking. Cool.

  7. I love how you have made the photos into a labeled figure such as befits a peer reviewed publication.

  8. How many will make it through “the great itch”?
    Where is next week’s edition going to be?

  9. “Laying down the hardwood” I thought he was either refinishing his floor or doing something that PG blogs don’t talk about (at least in humans)