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University Professors in the Blogosphere

Hat tip to Bora at A Blog Around the Clock for this one.

The Michigan Daily has an excellent article written by Caitlin Schneider on the movement of University Professors to the blogosphere.  Many articles have been written on the burgeoning importance of blogs in teaching, writing, and information dissemination. This one serves as a great primer, and its one I would highly recommend you pass on to potential employers (if your trying to get a job and have a blog, particularly in science) or to faculty that have yet to enter the blogging life.

It's also nice just to have that little push saying "yes - there really is a professional reason to do this - it's not just pure enjoyment."

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  1. Very interesting article. I am hoping to get some colleagues interested in starting a departmental science blog where we can post on current happenings in the department. It could be a great way to keep other faculty and students in touch with what is going on, with both research and teaching, and provide a little PR as well. Do you know of profs contributing to an institutional blog like that?

  2. Hmmm…well, I know of many profs with their own blogs. And I know of Institutional blogs (such as Duke’s:, but I’m not sure I’ve seen exactly what you are referring to. I’ve seen articles about how Institutional departments SHOULD have blogs contributed to by their profs. But I’m not sure to what degree these have been implemented. Perhaps you are ahead of the curve. Good luck!

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