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The Great Darwin Beard Challenge – Week 2

This week's installment of the Great Darwin Beard Challenge is live over at Southern Fried Science. We are in week two now, our sandpaper faces replaced by millimeter stubble.

It seems a long way from here to our bushy-bearded Darwinian goals. The "contest" will end on October 1st, the 150th anniversary of the inside cover date of the 1st edition of The Origin of Species - we began on Darwin's 200th birthday, February 12th.

Tiring of simple photographs of our burgeoning bearded faces, Andrew instituted a theme of "hats" this week. Apparently in the Southern Fried Science world, "enormous fake afro" is synonymous with "hat."

What will next weeks theme be?  Who knows. Give us some ideas.

We will be rotating through the blogs of Deep Sea News, Southern Fried Science, and here - so be sure to visit all three weekly :)

Great Darwin Beard Challenge History:

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  1. That is totally not a fake afro, but a genuine Siberian yak fur hat. It is… very… warm.

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