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Tentacular Orgies from The Oyster’s Garter

Squid Larva (from squidblog)

Squid Larva (from

Here's a big congratulations to Miriam Goldstein of The Oyster's Garter fame, who managed to get a truly fascination article published on

Her article, entitled "Motion in the Ocean" is all about the Valentine woo-pitching (quote: "making the beast with two beaks") of squids off the California coast. I highly recommend the read, and be sure to check out the linked videos from the article as well!

And since I'm doling out the link love, I'd like to welcome the newest addition to the science blogging community, Anna of Anna's Bones, a blog dedicated to anthropology and evolution. Go check her out...

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  1. Awww, thanks! If you end up moving out here, you can see the squid naughtiness for yourself.

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