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Okay, my excuse is that I have yet to participate in a "meme" yet (despite being tagged by several).

The infamous Rick MacPherson of Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice & Sunsets came up with his own little game wherein he determined a set of search terms that would result in his own blog ranking as the top hit (such as "coral reefs, conservation, queer" and "zelnio, conservation, blog, coral, drunk").

The exercise ended up being more entertaining than I anticipated. My goal was to find the most entertaining or impressive search terms.

In no particular order, here are some search terms that will give you Biochemical Soul as the #1 Google search hit (no quotes or advanced googling were used):

  • andrew kevin dueling penises (that explains some of my traffic - it's totally invertebrate biology-related - I swear)
  • miriam oyster orgies (also invertebrate biology-related)
  • magnum p.i. blue whale
  • daniel darwin beard
  • timber rattlesnake camouflage
  • flatfish eye adaptation
  • aye-aye finger adaptation
  • spaghetti monster animation
  • heron catfish video
  • daniel d brown ("daniel brown" doesn't pull this blog until results page 2)

Interestingly, I almost capture the the entire history of heart evolution - pretty sweet:

  • worm heart evolution (2nd behind a "pet heart-worm" site)
  • fly heart evolution
  • fish heart evolution
  • frog heart evolution
  • reptile heart evolution
  • bird heart evolution (#2 search result)
  • mammal heart evolution
  • human heart evolution (page 2 of results)

How about it Christie, Kevin, Allie, DNLee, Glendon? Care to give it a go?

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  1. mwa ha ha, you come up number one on a search of something that happens in my office every day!

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